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Not a bad game, but instead of selecting the cards you want to hold as you would on a standard video poker machine, you select the cards you want to discard. So if you want to practice your video poker skills it is rather un-intuitive. For that reason, I cant recommend it.

Smooth graphics

This app has great animations.

Gotta get it, son!

Great app and just as addictive as described. Is it hurting my Family if im gambling the virtual rent?

Good start

The price is great, andhas slick graphics. What I was hoping for was at least a few game types (Deuces Wild, etc.). Also -- I find it a bit awkward to have to pick which cards I want to **discard** when most apps of this typehave you pick which cards you want to **keep**.

Very nice game

Outstanding game with excellent graphics and animation. Well worth the $2 price.

Worth every penny

This is a great game that is easily worth the price. However I would change it so you can bet before and after the first 5 cards are delt. The game is very addicting and its great for long car rides.

Never mind my earlier review...

I was indeed able to un-sync then re-sync this app and get it to work again...all is good now. Not a bad app if you dont run into issues with it.


Its a well designed game but ended up crashing and stalling on me within 2 days after buying it. Itd also be nice if you selected the cards youd like to hold instead of selecting the cards to be discarded. This took a few hands to get use to. Im hoping theres an update for this game coming soon because my game is frozen and I dont know how to fix it!

Fair. Needs work.

Not bad for price I guess. It lacks in a fun experience. For $1 more Ive enjoyed motion xs dice poker game much more!

This game is rigged

The only good thing I can say about this app is the smooth graphics; but it takes more than fancy graphics to make this app a winner. The fact is that the chance of you getting winning hands is less than that when playing in real life. Its either that or bad luck. Another thing is that you have to get a pretty high hand in order to win.

Its the Opposite of What Youre Used to

The game is okay, except for 2 things: 1) you have to turn your phone sideways (minor, not that big of a deal). 2) You touch the cards you want to get rid of - exactly the opposite of most poker (and video poker) games. So when you go to Vegas and you are playing video poker, watch out. Dont develop "bad habits!"


Its a great time sucker, super fast, crisp graphics. Addictive for sure!

Please add betting flexibility

Fun, simple, and inexpensive. Id like to be able to bet more than $5 every time. I mean, come on, Ive got $1,000 lets see some risk!


Great app. Very good graphics and fast paced. You will never get tired of this one :-)

Not much here that I can see

I bought this because Griffins hardware products and website have always shown attention to detail and good quality for the money, and because I wanted to test purchasing from the phone. I may be just missing something, but the attraction - indeed, the whole point - of this app completely eludes me. First, gameplay, or lack of it: Its a solitaire 5-card draw game, which doesnt make a lot of sense. With no one to bet against, there is no point in a second round of betting on the draw, and accordingly, the game doesnt give you one. So you bet between 1 and 5 credits from an initial budget of 1000, see what your first 5 cards are, discard some, and see your final hand. For the most part, the action then consists of watching your credit amount slowly get whittled down, occasionally to be bumped back up a ways by the random straight, flush, or full house. (If you played this for a really long time, youd get a definite thrill out of how far up your tally would rise when you finally hit a straight flush or four of a kind, but it would only be a thrill because it would contrast so vividly with the endless hours of hypnotic boredom watching hands go by. So basically, without opponents, there is nothing you can influence except the amount of your bet and the discards. The amount of the bet feels irrelevant in that betting the 5 credit max, it might take a hundred hours to slowly go bust or hit one of the big hands, while at 1 credit, the boredom would last 5 times as long. The discard choices feel pointless because those are really a matter of playing knowable odds. I dont know the odds, so I guess that I could get some experimental satisfaction out of playing for a few months and getting a sense of them, or I could just look them up in 5 minutes, in which case my actions in the game would become entirely irrelevant. And the animations are fluid but comically gratuitous like a bad PowerPoint presentation. Do we really need the Draw button to slide in and out from the wings every hand? And the "trails" effect of your bankroll diminishing starts out sort of annoying, eventually becomes a little soothing when you hit the hypnotic stage, then became for me a little annoying again because of its irrelevance. Somehow, Griffin has produced a game that consists solely of the elements of Poker that dont matter at all without the context of competition: luck of the draw and nonexistent currency. Changing the units from $ to credits makes sense for international appeal, but somehow also feels ironically like they have removed the only part of the game that could have elicited any reason to care, a sense of money changing hands. Unless you like trancelike meditation states for games (which is completely legit, but id opt for some headphones and a Phillip Glass CD instead), you should probably avoid the sense of your money changing hands to Griffin here. I hope that this is an embarrassing mistake for Griffin, and they put some focus on offering some games that live up to their brand.


This app froze on me and I had to unload and reload, it worked for a few days, now it isnt even in my apps the symbol is the apple app, with the name of the program under it. I have had problems with apps and my phone since I started using apps, cant get into my own WIFI, mail doesnt push all the time, frozen screens on the iphone, just problems, and really no support.

Great game!

Love it cuz this is the only app I cld find that had only 5 card draw. But there r 3 things that I cld live without, but wld be better. 1 a little bam! The backround is kinda boring. Maybe u cld add lik a setting thatch can change the cards and backrounds and music in or sumtin. 2 a bigger bet limit. And 3 multiplayer!!!!!! computers AND friends.

Great app and impressive update.

Its so great to see devs going back to older games and updating them to take advantage of the new iPhone 4 features. This was literally the first app I ever purchased when I got my original iPod Touch 2 years ago. The concept is simple but the production value is top notch and now that its updated for the retina display it looks even better. Really impressed by Griffin taking the time to update such an old app so I figured Id take some time to write a positive review.

Good game

I really like the way it tracks your stats. And the cards and layout are razor sharp and easy to read. Minor annoyance is the game will only play in landscape with the main button on the right. If you invert it, with the button on the left, it stays upside down. (And yes, I checked that the orientation lock was off.) Also, Id like to see a keep option like video poker instead of having to choose discard, which seems more cumbersome.

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